About Us

In 1993, Romantika Home Decor set foot in the Malaysian home decor industry. It started off in a modest area within the Johor Bahru city. Today, the very first flagship store in Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru is still standing strong, catering to both local customers and foreign customers from Singapore as well.

         Plaza Angsana Outlet, Johor Bahru

The thriving economy in the early 90s allowed Romantika to grow rapidly. Not long after its opening, Romantika started to venture itself into both wholesale and retail businesses. With the strong beliefs of pampering customers by offering a vast array of products from the English Vintage style and Retro style to the Contemporary style, Romantika expanded its product range aggressively. With Romantika’s ability to identify its customers’ needs and demands, the business expanded steadily.

Since then, there are 19 outlets across Malaysia with total layout areas of 250,000 square feet. Romantika believes that offering a vast range of resplendent and good quality products at a reasonable price range is the key of rightness for its customers to realise the dream of creating a romantic and comfortable home environment. This is reflected in the slogan of Romantika, “MACAM-MACAM, CANTIK-CANTIK, MURAH-MURAH”.

The five (5) key elements guiding Romantika’s core business are as follow:
I. Resplendence and Good Quality
II. Reasonable Price
III. Rightness
IV. Reality
V. Romantic

Romantika sells a full range of home decorative items including faux florals and plants, soft furnishings, kitchenwares, shades & lamps, paintings and pictures, vases, glasswares, gifts and other decorative items suited to the English vintage, retro or contemporary style. Customers who require services like professional flower arrangement, lampshades repair or present wrapping can count on our well-trained staffs for a hassle-free experience.